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Game Design: Leogim

Programming: Leogim

Graphics: Ansimuz /Leogim

Visual Effects: Leogim

Sound Effects: Juhani Junkala

Sound Editing: Leogim

Music: www.playonloop.com (FreeSamples)

-The Foyer

-Chamber of Secrets

-Evil Throne

-Final Act

-Spirits Dance

-Random Encounter


The Guardian is a 2D pixel-based action platformer. Play as the guardian, a monk, keeper of the peace in the realm in his quest to restore balance, after he senses dark powers being unleashed by an unknown entity.

Defeat enemies throughout a series of differently themed levels and avoid traps to reach the end – beat all levels to win the game!


-Melee Combat

-Variety of enemies with different mechanics

-Gauntlet events

-Boss fights


-Movement - Left/Right arrow

-Jump - Space Bar

-Attack - Z

-Pause Game - Escape

-Confirm - Z/Enter


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Those spiders in the first level are kicking my butt! lol. I found it difficult to kill them because the monk used random attacks and I never knew if he was going to punch or kick. I'm also bad with the keyboard functions though to be honest -___-  I think if the monk moved faster, it would be helpful as well defining an attack pattern or identifying which kind of attack the monk will use instead of a random one. The spider comes from above and the fist is not so effective, I thought versus the kick that may come out and knock the spider away from landing on me. [I suggest having a couple key inputs and assigning the different attacks those keys) I will keep playing in the meantime to see how far I can get. I did not reach a check point so I have some training to do as the guardian. I really enjoyed the presentation of the story the most, the cut scene intro and the dialogue! The graphics and music tie together nicely as cohesive elements. I look forward to getting further if I can get past the first level. 


Hey! I found that issue as a game dev but I got used to it and kinda forgot.

This is why player feedback is very important!

Thank you very much for playing and for the suggestions!

I said I would be following this monk. lol, I look forward to changes if any! :)

After playing your game to which the platform is engaging and the graphics look great. However, here are a few suggestions that may help your game. The first suggestion is to add variety to fighting of the game play by adding weapons like polearm, staves, fist weapon and one-handed swords, or weapons that are based on elements like earth, wind, air and fire that release a different energy ball or actual elements. Next suggestion is adding a wall jump for retracing within high area. The last suggestion of adding point system so that it will increase extra challenge of replay value to the game. I hope these suggestions will help your game.      

Thanks for playing and thank you for your suggestions - they sound really good!

The game has a point system though, but you have to finish it so that your highscore is saved.

No problem and thanks.

Good game dev but dud the checkpoints are really helpful , i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks for playing and for your feedback :D